Tyra Banks' Model Photos Show Her Amazing Ability To Transform

WHOA: Tyra Banks Undergoes MAJOR Transformations

We've seen Tyra Banks teach her "Top Model" protégées the art of transformation for 20 cycles now, so it's nice to see the model practice what she preaches... and then some.

When Banks released three images of her uncanny supermodel impersonations on Saturday, we were stunned. Little did we know, she had 12 more up her sleeve, all part of a photography exhibition entitled "15" (named for the 15 models she channels). Styled by Bank's stylist, Ty-Ron Mayes, the Udo Spreitzenbarth-lensed shots are "un-retouched" and each more stupefying than the last -- Tyra's spot-on portrayals are borderline creepy. (The model's hair was done by Shar Rae and Emmy Award Winning Make-up Artist, Valente Fraiser, did the makeup, in case you were wondering.)

Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Lauren Hutton, Jerry Hall, Iman, Kate Moss, Twiggy, Brooke Shields, Claudia Schiffer, Carmen Dell’Orefice and Grace Jones all made the list of iconic supermodels imitated in the exhibition. But modern fashion darlings like Kate Upton, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne were also deemed worthy of a Banks rendering. Oh, and of course she threw in a nod to her own early modeling days.

You can catch Banks' supermodel homage from now until November 9th at Jack's Studios -- or you can just check out all 15 photos below. Are these flattering or a little eerie?

Tyra as Kate Moss

tyra banks 1

Tyra as Cindy Crawford


Tyra as Cara Delevingne

tyra banks

Tyra as Lauren Hutton

lauren hutton

Tyra as Claudia Schiffer

claudia schiffer

Tyra as Carmen Dell’Orefice

tyra banks

tyra banks

Tyra as Iman

tyra banks

Tyra as Karlie Kloss

tyra as karlie

Tyra as Kate Upton

tyra as kate upton

Tyra as Grace Jones

tyra as grace jones

Tyra as Linda Evangelista


Tyra as Twiggy

tyra banks as twiggy

Tyra as Brooke Shields

brooke shields

Tyra as Jerry Hall

jerry hall

Tyra as 15-year-old Tyra

tyra banks

Tyra has come a long way:

April 1993

Tyra Banks Style Evolution

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