Unique Gifts For Tweens Who Are Hard To Shop For

What do tweens want for their birthday or the holidays? These gifts are a good place to start.

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Do you have any hard-to-shop-for tweens on your holiday shopping list? We have some suggestions. 
Do you have any hard-to-shop-for tweens on your holiday shopping list? We have some suggestions. 

Most parents would agree that tweens are hard to shop for. Typically, 9- to 12-year-olds are starting to get too cool for some things, but they still like to geek out over others (like LEGOs and Nancy Drew).

If younger toys and clothes are off the table, what the heck do you gift the tween in your life? Here are some things they will actually want for their birthdays and the holidays.

Take a look below:

For the book lover:
Kid Curated Books x CrateJoy
Speaking as a confirmed bookworm, books are the gift that keep on giving. Whether you opt for a subscription box that gives a few new reads a month or purchase a single page-turner, you can’t go wrong.

Amazon Prime Book Box for Kids is great for all ages, but you can specifically select books for the 9 to 12 age group. Each box will contain either two hardcover books or four board books for younger readers. Just choose your preferred frequency of box delivery, and you’re good to go.

A Kid Curated books subscription is great for kids in the 8 to 14 age group. They’ll receive fun and challenging chapter books to boost their reading comprehension skills.

Pictured: Kid Curated Books from CrateJoy
For the smarty pants:
Tweens who like to learn while they have fun will enjoy this game that's also a STEM learning tool. This maze marble run game teaches them logic and reasoning as they work out puzzles and planning skills. Get it on Amazon.

Little Passports, on the other hand, is a kid- and tween-focused kids subscription box that cultivates a sense of wunderlust from a young age. Choose from three subscription box themes for kids 9 and up — the World Edition, the USA Edition or Science Expeditions — and your kiddo is well on his or her way to learning more about the world’s wonders.

Pictured: Think Fun Gravity Maze Marble Run on Amazon
For the kid who likes to make a statement:
Uncommon Goods
Lightboxes are like letter boards, only more fun! All kids want to say something about themselves, so give them the space to do it with this color-changing lightbox. Get it at Uncommon Goods .
For the kid in a family who loves to play games:
Exploding Kittens is a staple in my family, and I'd be remiss not to add Throw Throw Burrito into the mix. Both are games for the whole family (ages 7 and up) and perfect for shorter periods of time — and attention spans. They're also great for getting rid of some of that latent energy that builds up in kids over the holidays. Get both Exploding Kittens and Throw Throw Burrito at Target.
For the little creative who likes to push boundaries:
Uncommon Goods
A fun henna tattoo set will help them explore body art that feels a bit more grown-up than stick-on tattoos. Get it at Uncommon Goods.
For the kid who prefers to eat cereal for dinner:
Uncommon Goods
This bowl-mug is perfect for the kid (or kid at heart) who starts their day with a healthy dose of cereal or loves to curl up in front of the Christmas tree with a cup of hot cocoa. Plus, it was designed by kids. Get it at Uncommon Goods.
For tween revolutionaries:
The "I Am A Rebel Girl" journal to start revolutions is perfect for kids who identify as girls. Interested tweens might also like to curl up with this bedtime companion in the evenings.

Tweens who identify as boys might prefer "Stories For Boys Who Dare To Be Different " since it's the perfect nightstand book to encourage them to be their truest selves.
For the kid with a younger sibling:
Uncommon Goods
This DIY mechanical safe kit is not only going to make them feel like a spy, but it will also give them a safe haven to stash their diary, Nintendo Switch remote, or any of the things kids treasure these days. Get it at Uncommon Goods.
For the outdoors lover:
Uncommon Goods
Do you have a Boy Scout or Girl Scout on your list? These hand-crafted authentic bird calls are good for enticing the chickadees to your feeder or playing nature’s music.
For the kid with a lot of pent-up energy:
A safe and fun way to hit a ball around inside? Most parents wouldn’t have believed it existed — until seeing this "Door Pong" set. It's a way to play ping-pong indoors without a table, and without fear of destroying the house. Get it on Amazon.