Using CBD To Treat Dogs And Other Animals

Using CBD To Treat Dogs And Other Animals
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The rapidly growing CBD industry is one of the fastest growing fields in alternative medicine. This holds true not only for us humans, but for animals as well. Due to the gentle nature of CBD, many pet owners have begun to treat their cats and dogs with veterinarian formulated CBD products.

For years, synthetic drug have been recommended to for treating animal diseases. These unnatural formulated synthetic drugs can cause serious side effects; similar to human pain medications. What we are beginning to see is a new industry that is challenging the status quo. Companies such as GoGreen Hemp are bringing to market 100% organic hemp products for both people and animals.

Why Use CBD to Treat Dogs and Other Animals

CBD often gets misinterpreted and is easily confused with its close cousin THC. CBD however does not have any psychoactive effects - quite simply meaning it does not get you ‘high’. This is important to understand as canines are more sensitive to THC than humans are, so using hemp products that have no THC is extremely vital. Animal formulated CBD products have been reported to safely treat inflammation, cancer-related problems, pain, mood, appetite loss, and end of life ailments.

<p><em>Why Use CBD to Treat Dogs and Other Animals</em></p>

Why Use CBD to Treat Dogs and Other Animals

Like humans, animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), receptors that are found throughout the body that regulates various physiological roles. Cannabinoids, in this case Cannabidiol (CBD), has the potential to treat various medical problems, in a non-toxic way. CBD offers a natural path to healing that is not offered through the use of synthetic drugs. Using a holistic approach one can see how giving CBD based products a try before attempting any synthetic drugs makes sense. The correlation between ECS receptors and an increased volume of cannabinoids can be beneficial to both humans and animals. After all it is how we are hard wired.

Animal Formulated CBD Products

GoGreen Hemp has recently released ‘CBD Soft Chew Bites’ for dogs, a highly anticipated new product and one of the first of its kind. These soft chew bites contain 2mg of full spectrum CBD oil. These CBD soft chews can be used to promote health and support the reduction of separation anxiety, inflammation and age-related health issues.

These beef flavored CBD soft chew bites are perfect as a supplement or simply an addition to a dogs daily diet. These dogs chew bites are completely THC-free, meaning it won't affect a canine psychologically. An important thing to consider when choosing CBD products is that they are free from contaminants and organic.

For the stubborn pets that refuse to eat, there are other solutions available. Unflavored oil drops CBD products can be placed just inside a dogs mouth and can begin working almost immediately. These soft chew bites and oil drops are derived from hemp, instead of marijuana, this means they are legal for sale in all 50 states.


No pet owner wants to see their friend suffer from severe arthritis, cancer, or other pain related illnesses. These conditions can affect animals in numerous ways from a lack of appetite, inflammation, anxiety and depression. Although the industry is still in its infancy the outlook is brighter than it was just a few years ago.

The option to choose between synthetically made drugs and a natural growing plant should be something everyone is aware of. The CBD industry is growing very fast for both humans and animals. This shows that given the choice people prefer to use a natural remedy over a synthetic drug.

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