Words Fail. "Legends: David Bowie" + "Lazarus" (VIDEO)

Words fail. Here's a documentary some kind soul uploaded, plus Bowie's words on Bowie, in the beautiful, courageous and true-to-form video for "Lazarus".

I'd planned a review of his new boxed sets, "Five Years". Instead, here's the story of his life, which I was lucky enough to co-write with producer Mary Wharton. Part 3 is unavailable.

VH1's "Legends: David Bowie" Part 1

VH1's "Legends: David Bowie" Part 2

VH1's "Legends: David Bowie" Part 4

VH1's "Legends: David Bowie" Part 5

Rhino have posted a dozen video clips from some of his films HERE

The New York Theater Workshop have extended the run of a production, also titled Lazarus, written by David Bowie and Edna Walsh, based on The Man Who Fell To Earth by Walter Tevis.

David Bowie, "Lazarus". Don't call this a swan song; this man's self-espression will know far too many rebirths -- which will save so many who are yearning for even just one kindred spirit -- for there to ever be a final note.