“Wanderlust,” A Travel Inspired Exhibition!

Exploring the world has inspired countless creative people throughout the ages. Artist Bobbie Rich has joined the ranks of these travelers…turning inspiration into art with her latest exhibition titled “Wanderlust.” On Sunday, July 30, Upper West will feature over twenty new works by Rich. The solo exhibition will include paintings depicting images of people, waves, and animals inspired by Rich’s recent travel experiences.

Bobbie Rich in Botswana, Africa
Bobbie Rich in Botswana, Africa

“Painting is a meditative escape from the constant whirl of life,” said Rich. “It is very rewarding for me to stand back and see what I create. I’m passionate about color and texture and as cliché as it sounds…making the world a more beautiful place…not only with art, but with laughter, generosity of time and finances, and of course teaching.” Rich went on to say that meeting new people from around the world has been an extraordinary experience.

She recently visited Botswana, Africa. “I am privileged to have a wildlife conservationist sister who affords me unmatchable travel experiences. She lived in ‘Dog Camp’ in the Botswanan bush off and on for a few years.” Rich explained that the leopard pictured in one of her works titled Panthera was radio-collared so the team could track the animal to learn more about its behavior and whereabouts. They were able to follow the leopard for an extended stretch, which afforded the artist many great photo opportunities.

<em>Panthera</em>, 30 x 40 inches, mixed media
Panthera, 30 x 40 inches, mixed media

“Leopards are incredibly beautiful up close and camouflaged beyond what I could have ever imagined,” said Rich. “We were within several yards of the leopard initially and knew it was present from the antennae, but circled around and around because it was so hard to find him in the grass…Remarkable!”

<em>Panthea</em>, detail (from above image)
Panthea, detail (from above image)

She described how moved she was…weeping at the first sight of a lion. “The unending landscape and all of God’s majestic creatures grazing together with no boundaries is awe-inspiring. I’ve never seen or experienced anything as magnificent as Botswana.”

Prior to the Botswana trip, she visited Taiwan. A family friend and Taiwanese local helped to arrange a once-in-a-lifetime trip. “Mrs. Huang was able to introduce us to a wide range of Taiwanese people through her siblings. One sister is a farmer, one brother is a businessman, and another brother is a monk.”

Taiwan, 48 x 36, mixed media
Taiwan, 48 x 36, mixed media

Rich’s exhibition will feature a painting of the monk who made a huge impression on the artist. A talented calligrapher, he created a banner that reads “Abundant Love,” which hangs prominently in Rich’s studio. “The people of Taiwan were extremely accommodating, gracious and kind,” said Rich. “It was intriguing to see the variety of land and culture in their beautiful nation.”

Another work to be exhibited in “Wanderlust” is Taipei. It consists of an abstract acrylic underpainting with bronze metal leaf and impasto oil painted koi fish. “The painting was inspired by a trip to the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. I took countless photos of the exterior koi ponds after being dazzled by the art collection within the museum walls.”

Taipei, 36 x 36, mixed media
Taipei, 36 x 36, mixed media

Visit Upper West Restaurant on Sunday, July 30, 2017 from 4-7pm; to view the art of Bobbie Rich. “Wanderlust” will transport you to another part of the world. Upper West is located at 3321 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, 90404; The exhibition will run through October 2017; http://www.theupperwest.com/ Visit http://www.bobbierich.com to find out more about the art of Bobbie Rich.

Bobbie Rich (back left) in Botswana, Africa with her sister (back right) Lindsey Rich, who created a nonprofit to expose loca
Bobbie Rich (back left) in Botswana, Africa with her sister (back right) Lindsey Rich, who created a nonprofit to expose local children to wildlife and shed a positive light on the animals in Botswana. Bobbie Rich collaborated with her sister and with the Santa Monica community to create frames to give local Botswana kids treasured photos of themselves.  
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