Queer People Show Their Love In Photos With #WeAreWhatLoveLooksLike

It almost seems like a dream but it isn't: last week the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal in every single state in this fine country.

To celebrate the historic decision, we asked our incredible readers to share on Twitter photos of themselves and the person or people they love using the hashtag #WeAreWhatLoveLooksLike. We thought we'd get a few responses but we definitely weren't prepared for the torrent of stunning photos that began to flood our Twitter feed.

Below you can see just a handful of the hundreds of gorgeous photos that were sent our way -- and that show that no matter how we identify when it comes to our sexuality or gender identity, our brave, beautiful, resilient community truly is what love looks like.

To see more photos, make sure to check out #WeAreWhatLoveLooksLike on Twitter and be sure to add your own photo to the still growing collection.