14 Times Wedding Guests Knew The Marriage Would End In Divorce

So much for "speak now or forever hold your peace." 🙊

As a wedding guest, you want to assume the bride and groom will have a happy future together. But sometimes, when you look beyond the huge floral arrangements and champagne toasts, all you can see are glaring red flags that point to divorce.

Below, 14 people open up about the most cringeworthy things they've seen at weddings on the secret-sharing app Whisper.

The bride and groom didn
The bride went around making bets on how long the marriage would last.
The groom disappeared with a bridesmaid for 30 minutes.
The bride told me days before she didn
Their first dance song was
I had the super unfortunate experience of finding the grooms very drunk mistress in the ladies room. Very uncomfortable, but he actually invited her as a guest. Wtf?!
Groom was so drunk he couldn
The groom didn
The groom didn
During the reception, the bride was ALL OVER her male best friend. At one point, no one could find them. About 45 mins later, they returned together.
The groom refused the bride a first dance. He then danced half a song and sat in silence the rest of the reception.The bride left in the back seat of a truck with the groom and his mother in the front
They were fighting and she refused to kiss his lips. That was least fun I have ever had at a reception with an open bar.
The bride and groom didn
I was at a wedding and said
The Moment I Knew

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