Weird Halloween Products Include Pregnant Tinker Bell Costumes, Gravy-Flavored Candy, Zombie Flamingos

37 Halloween Ideas That Are Weirder Than Yours

If you're a weird person, there's a good chance that Halloween is the one day of the year when you feel completely normal.

Halloween is the one night of the year when weirdness rules, which is why people start preparing for it as early as Labor Day, purchasing costumes, candy and products to get them in the spirit.

Sure, it's possible to enjoy Halloween by just cutting eyeholes in an old bedsheet, but why when you can dress up as a pregnant Tinker Bell or a naughty Care Bear?

Why decorate your home with only creepy crepe paper when you can add spook appeal with a skull-shaped toilet brush holder or a poster of a skeleton reading a newspaper on the toilet?

Finally, if you're planning to give out treats to the rugrats banging down your door, why give them M&Ms when there's gravy-flavored candy?

You can find everything you need for the weirdest Halloween below.

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Weird Halloween Products

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