What Alfredo del Mazo’s Recent Victory in Mexico State Teaches Us

What Alfredo del Mazo’s Recent Victory in Mexico State Teaches Us
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Just a few months ago, on June 4th, 2017, Mexico State found itself in what appeared to be a very close election.

Alfredo del Mazo’s Campaign for Governor managed to pull out a victory by just a narrow margin of 2.78% percent. That’s impressive. But how did it happened?

As we look back and analyze what Mazo’s Campaign was able to pull off, here are a few key takeaways:

Robust Media Campaign: Mazo’s media campaign started early. In just a short amount of months, their camp was able to spend over $3 million dollars to make sure their message was being effectively amplified.

State of The Art Organizing: From the very beginning, Mazo’s campaign got people to believe in his message. He traveled the State, knocked on countless doors, and campaigned heavily.

Aggressive Get-Out-The-Vote Operation: Lastly, and certainly a key component in his victory was the fact that the day of the election, Mazo’s team had over 5,000 organizers out on the ground getting people to the polls. That matters and it certainly paid off.

In the world of campaigns, political consultants are key. The thinkers, the minds behind the strategy is one of the most important decisions any campaigns can make.

At the end of the day, this couldn’t of have been possible without the guidance and expertise of Manuel Cossio Ramos and Roldan Carreon & Associates, the real political consultants behind the victory.

And as we get ready for a heavyweight Presidential Campaign in Mexico in 2018, Manuel Cossio, Roldan & Carreon are known for their link with Aurelio Nuño, the campaign manager of the PRI candidate, Jose Antonio Meade, who is in 3rd place and 20 points behind the left/populist candidate Andres Manuel López Obrador.

Could Manuel Cossio, Roldan y Carreon make their Magic again with the PRI as the did it with Del Mazo?

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