What Hillary Really Learned in the White House

The real experience Hillary Clinton gained during her years in the White House has finally been revealed: she learned, just like her husband, how to manipulate words to cover up her lies.

Just as Bill used "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is" in front of the grand jury to mask his lies about Monica Lewinsky, Hillary is now using "sleep deprivation" and "misspoke" and "it proves I'm human" to soft sell her hyperbolic tale of ducking sniper fire in Bosnia. I can't wait to see the video showing what she was really doing in Ireland when she claims to have been "deeply involved in the Irish peace process" (a claim that David Trimble, who received the Nobel Peace Prize for his actual involvement in the effort, called a "wee bit silly").

Do we really want to subject ourselves to this verbal abuse for the next four years?

I'm glad Hillary, when presented with irrefutable video evidence, finally admitted she "made a mistake" about her trip to Bosnia. I just wish she would also finally admit she was wrong about her vote authorizing the president to go to war with Iraq. There is plenty of irrefutable evidence of that too.