What if Mothers Ran the World?

What if Mothers Ran the World?
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Should Hillary Clinton win next week, she’ll bring with her a skill set that’s never been used in the Oval Office before - her experiences as a mother*.

One might wonder what cleaning spit up off onesies or making cookies for PTA bake sales or carpooling to soccer games could possibly have to do with the presidency, but if you ponder it for more than a moment and think about what mothers (see below) actually do on a regular basis, one realizes how singularly equipped one would be to run the country.

Mothers are negotiators, planners, masterminds, jugglers, organizers – often at the same time.

They see the bigger picture. Adapt to constant change. They know when to push and when to let up.

Part of their job description is being available 24/7. Knowing everything can change at the drop of a hat, they are there to help overcome obstacles, be the calm in emergencies, deal with the unexpected.

They know they’re not the center of the universe. That the needs of others often need to come first. That someone’s well-being is in their hands. That motherhood is a tremendous responsibility.

Mothers can be strong and supportive at the same time. Effective and efficient in chaos.

They know how to keep it together. To be formidable. To heal divides.

When to hold on. And when to let go.

Hillary Clinton embodies these things. She's raised a remarkable child while being a public servant in the public eye. She’s there for her grandchildren. Cared for her aging mother. Brought senators together to solve problems. Sat in the situation room during monumental times. Fought for her constituents. Has put women and children, those who needed an advocate, first and foremost for decades.

Mothers get shit done. Far too often without accolades or praise or acknowledgment. And no, mothers aren’t perfect. No one is. But mothers continually dig deep when they need to, finding endless reserves of patience, of understanding, of empathy, of resolve.

So come on mothers (and all those who honor moms). Holders of hands. Changers of diapers. Editors of papers. Fixers of printers. Caretakers. Educators. Supporters. Nurturers. Rulers. Every day superheroes.

This country deserves that kind of commitment and knowledge to help us heal and move forward.

It’s time to put a mother in the White House.

*“Mother” is not being used just to describe biological or adoptive mothers. It’s for anyone who nurtures, cares for, safeguards their animals, their parents, their friends, their students, their kids. Mothering isn’t gender specific, nor do actual children need to be involved.

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