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What Sausage Is Made Of And Other Facts (INFOGRAPHIC)

What it's made from and more important facts.

We've always known that sausage has its secrets, a dark past if you will, but we love it anyway -- for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And we're clearly not alone. The U.S. diner sausage market is a 2 billion dollar industry (breakfast sausage/ham rack in another 3 billion dollars).

We like this processed meat so much, we'd almost rather not know how it was made. But since being an informed eater is important, this nicely-designed infographic below tells you everything you should -- but don't want to -- know about sausage. Some of the most shocking facts include:

  • Almost 50 percent of sausage is made from processed left over parts of a pig including blood, guts, organs and, of course, head meat.
  • Blood sausage, popular in some European countries and Argentina, is made with 2 cups of porks blood per recipe.
  • Some sausage casings are made from cattle hide.

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