When I Get That Feeling, I Need Jewish Energy Healing

I had no idea what Jewish energy healing was or that I needed it, but in the span of two weeks three people offered their services to me, one of them being Benztion Simmonds.

My husband and I met Bentzion when we moved some months ago to the Pico Robertson area to be near our Shul, The Happy Minyan. We immediately became friends with Benzion because he is one of the main reasons why The Happy Minyan is so happy.

Bentzion is not very tall and he has a wiry frame but is handsome and his smile is refulgent. He radiates magnetic energy so much so that people literally are drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

I'm pretty sure my energy was beyond depleted having been struggling for over five years to have a baby. He picked up on my defeated energy right away. His face turned from a smile to almost a frown. I could feel his deep empathy for me.

"I'm an Jewish energy healer, why don't you come see me for a session. I think it will help you." He assured me. Ironically, another woman at the Happy Minyan also suggested that I see Bentzion.

Benztion then handed me a flyer for energy healing classes from the renowned Rabbi Bar Ami (whom Bentzion studied under) who was going to be in town in a week from Israel. He only travels to the states twice a year. I made an appointment with Benztion for a few days later and RSVP'd for Rabbi Bar Ami's classes.

I didn't know what to expect when I showed up at Skin Worship, a skin care salon in Beverly Hills where Benzion works. There was a treatment table with thin blankets and candles surrounding it. He had me first sit down on a chair and imagine that under my feet was a rectangle and that each side of me was a triangle. The triangles converged at the top of my head and then to imagine light coming in.

I then chanted - "ata Hashem ee-ma-dee" then I said the Shemah quietly to myself. I felt immediately relaxed. He moved me to the table and I lay down while he placed his hands over my head, never touching me.

"You're not very trusting, trust is your issue." He said to me. I wanted to cry. Yes, that has been my main issue with infertility. How do I trust this long and painful road has a purpose and that Hashem is taking care of me?

I learned the difference between faith and trust while going through infertility. Faith is easy; trust is hard. Faith is "God can" and trust is "God is. " The fact that he got that from just holding his hands over my head means that he is truly gifted.

After an hour of relaxation and insight, I left there feeling refreshed and lighter. A few days later my husband and I went to see Rabbi Bar Ami lecture about the spiritual significance of the letters of the Torah.

Rabbi Bar Ami is a short man in his 70's with a cute belly and cherub cheeks that were covered by a salt and pepper beard. In the middle of the lecture he pleaded with us to let him know of any couples who are having trouble conceiving to give him their Hebrew names so that he can create artwork/blessing for them. Apparently, he is responsible for the births of over 2,000 children.

He said it was his Bracha. He was given this gift. So my husband and I gave him our names and our parents' Hebrew names. We then went to his lecture the next night about Jewish energy healing.

Rabbi Bar Ami taught us how to heal parts of our body or send healing to other people who are sick. He hasn't seen a medical doctor in years but has healed himself. I believe him and I felt the energy in my hands when we were meditating.

Rabbi Bar Ami talked about miracles and to learn to expect them. There have been many miracles that have happened since all of this Jewish energy healing. I never thought adoption was an option for my husband and I but on Mother's Day I received a contact that is helping us.

I don't know what is on the journey for me but since working with Benztion I'm beginning to trust and my heart has opened wide. I will continue to work with Bentzion as the results have been magical.

If you're interested in working with Benztion go to - joyhealer.com or you can email him at joyhealer@aol.com.

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