Which Foods Need To Be Refrigerated?

To refrigerate after opening or not to refrigerate? That's a question that many of us don't reflect upon enough. We often just revert to whatever our parents did -- refrigerate soy sauce but not teriyaki, leave opened jam in the pantry but not peanut butter. But, we might be doing it all wrong.

Some condiments deteriorate in the fridge and others will quickly go rancid if left in your cabinet -- are you storing your food in the right place? Click through the slideshow below to see how accurate your knowledge is.

And please keep in mind that when it comes to food, it is always wise to err on the side of caution. If you aren't sure how to best store an open item, it's safer to refrigerate it. And if a food item smells off or has changed in appearance, it is safer just to discard it.

Should you refrigerate these?