Who Is Howard Wolowitz? Why Is He So Funny?

There are only selected television seasons where all the characters are cherished equally. Let us take comedy as a genre, we may have Friends, Two and a Half Men, How I met your mother, Modern Family, but the one season we ought to include in this list is ‘The Big Bang Theory’- The Reel Life Theory. We all are acquainted with the famous nerd and robotic-emotioned Sheldon Cooper but in this article we are going to talk about a sexually desperate, horny engineer, reel life astronaut, outstanding mimic and the only ‘No-Doctor’, deliberately managed to make the audience laugh out loud. Yes, we are talking about an amateur flirty ‘Howard Wolowitz’.

His chemistry with all the characters has been fantastically riveting. All we know about him is his pervert but funny moves, weird bromance, creepy but refreshing Jewish guy who is always ditched by the women because of his pathetic hitting moves. A little boy of 30 still living with his mother: childish but the most sarcastic, speaker of several languages, a small package of good things, and much more.

Frankly, he can’t be put in words as his creepy though refreshing lines can only be best described in the conversation he does with his dear ones. Let’s go through some of the most humorous dialogues Howard had. Though he has been underestimated quite often by Sheldon, being laughed at by Penny, simply supported by Raj, offensively ridiculed by Leonard and got lucky with the beautiful Bernadette, Howard is one of the most interesting fictional characters whose posture and gesture makes us roll on the floor laughing. He may be gross sometimes but justifies his role in every single scene with a pool of engineering knowledge that he possesses. With his clumsy posture, unique dressing sense, extraordinary expression, and rhetorical arguments, he amuses the viewers with his creative acting.

Going off the topic, he suffered from parenting issues, bullied in childhood, and underestimated most of the times. Sit back and relax to have some of the LOL and LMAO moments.

Is it just me, or does webchatting with your clothes on seem a little pointless?

He wants have a point in everything, ain’t he? A horny and a gross, Howi has been popular to try out new ways to impress women. Unfortunately, he fails, ALWAYS.

Raj: What do you say, Howard?

Howard: I say Vegas, baby!

Raj: What are you gonna tell your mother?

Howard: Sea World, baby!

As we described him ‘A boy of 30’, he has a child in himself that makes him more vulnerable (among his friends).

Wolowitz: Penny, let me take this opportunity to point out that you are looking particularly ravishing today

Penny: Not with the thousand condoms, Howard.

Wolowitz: So there IS a number.

Remember, there was a competition on who wins the heart of Penny. Well, yes, Leonard beat Howard. Certainly, the above conversation must have made an impact!

Wolowitzz: Get the door, Howard.

Howard: Really, is that what you do when someone knocks? I had no idea.

He would open the door as an obedient child but to the shout his mother does, a roar is a must. That’s what Howard do.

Wolowitz: If it’s ‘Creepy’ to use the Internet, the military satellites and robot aircraft to find a house full of gorgeous young models, so I can drop in on them unexpected, then fine I am creepy.

Spy on girls, checking out dating sites, stalk women, go to bars but can’t ask a single lady out. So SAD. Now, you must have understood the reason of his creepiness.

Bernadette: You are a grown man. You guys don’t have to do everything together.

Howard: I know, that’s why I am spending tonight with you.

You can never know who Howi’s true love was. Berni or Raj?

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