Why He Acts Interested, Then Suddenly Disappears

Why He Acts Interested, Then Suddenly Disappears
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It’s the poster child for everything that’s wrong with modern dating.

It drives women (and men) freakin’ crazy.

You go on one, two, or even four dates and things seem to be going really well…

You’ve been sharing appetizers and bar hopping and maybe you even have an inside joke…

And then, without warning, he’s gone…

… radio silence…

… never to be heard from again.

What happened???

Turns out there are some telltale signs that predict when he’s going to ghost you.

If you’re tired of worrying about whether you’ll ever get a reply to your last text

… or desperate to know how to identify the ghost before it happens (it’s like having a dating crystal ball)…

Check out this video to learn why men ghost, and what you can do about it.

Your Coach,Adam

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Summary –

1. He’s Dating For Sport

This means, essentially, he’s dating because it’s his hobby and he has very little interest in pursuing anything more. He doesn’t really want a real relationship. Now, I understand women are getting more and more frustrated with this and I think men are doing this more and more as actually are women.

People are just getting married later. So that means a lot of people, especially in their early even late 20’s, are not really dating with any serious intentions.

The best way to avoid this if you’re looking for something a little bit more serious is to get an idea of his dating history. It doesn’t mean that you need to stop seeing him. It just means that you want to be very aware of his behavior and don’t invest too much in him before he starts investing in you.

2. You Were Just Incompatible

The reality of dating and finding love is that the vast majority of the people you meet won’t be right for you. And sometimes you’ll meet someone that you really like but they’re not interested in you. Incompatibility happens.

And sometimes when that happens, and he doesn’t want to pursue anything more, he just disappears. And he does this, in many ways, because he doesn’t want to face the music. Or he doesn’t feel like you’ve been dating long enough that it really warrants a straight up break up. So sometimes this just happens in life and in dating, and the worst thing you can do is give up. The best think you can do is take that time to heal and find yourself again and then get back out there! You’ll find that person who DOES want to stick it out with you – and who enjoys time with you.

3. The Relationship Was Founded On Superficial Reasons

Focusing on short-term attributes will get you short-term relationships. If you meet a guy and sparks are flying everywhere but you know nothing about him except the fact that he’s tall and handsome, I guarantee that it’s going to be a short-term relationship because you’re focusing on short-term attributes. Give it a little time for you guys to get to know each other. Become friends first before it turns into something that flames up and then dies out quickly.

4. He Gave Up On You Because You Showed No Interest in Him

Now, us guys, we just need a little bit of reassurance that you’re into us. For every 100 articles of dating advice for women out there telling you to play hard to get there’s maybe one article telling you to be authentic and open about the way that you feel about a guy.

The sexy confidence way is very different. Don’t play hard to get. Be hard to get because you have an amazing life to go live and you’re not going to waste all of your energy on a guy that you barely know. But there’s a caveat to this. As a guy continues to invest his time, resources, energy into you, you have to reciprocate!

You need to be vulnerable and be willing to share with him that you think he’s an amazing guy and you look forward to continuing to get to know him further. Being able to open up and share those feelings with him is going to make you feel so much more connected to one another, and it’s going to be far less likely that he just gives up and moves on with his life.

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