Why Motivation Is Bullshit And What You Really Need To Do To Reach Your Goals

Why Motivation Is Bullshit And What You Really Need To Do To Reach Your Goals
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At 41, Mel Robbins was unemployed, her self-confidence at rock bottom and family, drowning in debt.

When her alarm went off at 6AM, she'd just lie in bed, thinking about the bankruptcy she and Chris, her husband, were dealing with from a failing restaurant business, how they had fought the night before and her stalled career.

Afraid and overwhelmed by the problems they were facing, Robbins would hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.

Over, and over again.

She knew that she needed to get out of bed sooner, but just couldn’t make herself do it. The snooze button was her temporary respite from reality.

”So what?”, you think.

After all, so many of us go through the same motions every single day: Sleeping in instead of getting out of bed to go for your 6A.M run. Picking pizza over a salad even though you know that one warm, cheese-smothered slice always leads to a binge. Putting off bringing that idea you've been dreaming about to life even though not doing anything is killing your soul.

The excuses that precede these not-so-great decisions are usually linked to certain emotions: Overwhelm, fear, self-doubt and that all-too-familiar "I don't feel like it".

But the cold, hard truth is, you never will.

There are, however, steps you can take to propel yourself and your dreams forward despite this internal resistance. Here's how:


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Everything changed after Robbins found herself watching a NASA rocket launch on TV one evening, she says in her book, The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work And Confidence With Everyday Courage.

"Pay attention", her instincts whispered. So she did, and in an instant, decided that she'd launch herself out of bed the next morning—she'd do it so quickly that she wouldn't have time to think her way out of it.

The next time her alarm went off at 6AM, Robbins opened her eyes, counted "5,4,3,2,1", and on 1, stood up. From then on, she would use this very same 'rocket launch' formula that she calls The 5 Second Rule to turn her life around, all without relying on the one thing so many of us rely on to get ourselves going: Motivation.

But why is it so darn difficult to stay motivated to do all the little things that you know will make your life better?

Here's one scientifically-proven reason: Your lizard brain is designed to make you, at all costs, want to pull away from triggers of fear, discomfort and uncertainty to keep you safe from harm, even though you're technically not in any physical danger. This means that that warm, fuzzy intense desire to jump into something new is rarely there when you need it the most.


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It seems like there's a hack for everything: How to lose weight, how to be more productive, how to be happy, how to get rich.

But ask anyone who's acquired a skill that's made a positive difference in their life, and they'll probably tell you that it's not shortcuts that got them to where they are; habits did. The slow grind. Being persistent at something until the way they wanted to be, or live, stuck. Deliberately practicing until the skill they wanted to have became automatic and effortless.

She may not have known it at the time, but by using the 5 Second Rule over and over again, Robbins was disrupting her old habit of snoozing and simultaneously building a new one. It’s this habit disruption followed by the repetition of a new, small step (in Robbin’s case, getting out of bed) that led to the successful development of a new habit.

Just ask Leo Babauta, who went from being sedentary, 70 pounds overweight and way over his head in debt to running marathons, being healthier than ever and debt-free just 2 years later.

How did he do it? By starting with running 10 minutes a day. By eating more vegetables and drinking more water, one meal at a time. By cutting back on his expenses, saving a little more and paying off his debt until he could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Habits, not hacks, will take you where you want to go. They will allow you to rewrite your story and keep refining it until your goals and reality are a match.


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When your car breaks down, you might need to have a tow-truck take it in the opposite direction while you get a new ride to your destination. You're in a loving, committed marriage one moment, and struggling with a painful divorce the next. You think you're crushing it at work, but 3 months later, are packing your things into a box and looking for a new job.

You think you've got it all figured out with your thoughtfully-researched and airtight plan A, but life happens and you wish you had a plan B ready to break your fall. But you don't and now, getting to your goal feels impossible, so you give up.

But I don't want you to give up. And I don't want to either.

Be prepared to live your life from different perspectives, with a plan A, B and C in place to help you weather storms and find fulfilment, no matter what.

Do this, and reaching your goals will be so much easier.


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