Why You Should Dress to Impress for Every Occasion

Why You Should Dress to Impress for Every Occasion
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Some days you just don't feel like spending an hour doing your hair and makeup before taking another 20 - 30 minutes finding the right outfit. It shows when you leave the house. Dressing to impress, no matter what the occasion is a reflection of your inner drive, your self-worth and character. Taking the few extra minutes in the morning to look your best, even if you're not leaving the house changes your path to productivity. When you look good, you feel good and perform well.

Prepared for the Unexpected

You should always be prepared for the unexpected when you leave the house. Running into an old flame, high-school friend or meeting someone new can happen anywhere, and you should always look your best. Even if you are just wearing jeans and tennis shoes running errands, make sure your outfit is complete and that you have a neat appearance.

A potential employer or talent scout may be out looking for a specific look. You could be approached by a potential employer anywhere, to apply for a position or be offered an interview. Even if you are not in business attire, displaying confidence through a completed outfit and overall look shows others that you took the time to make sure you look appropriate for the environment you are in.

Lifted Spirit

When you have your look for the day together, you will feel better about yourself. A boost of self-confidence on a day when you are feeling less than stellar makes a great impression. It shows that you understand the importance of always looking your best and making an impression no matter where you are. In casual situations, you may help a busy single mom understand that she can look less stressed and seem more approachable when she has herself together.

A lifted spirit does wonders for accomplishing goals. You have confidence and a will to succeed no matter what the day has to throw at you. On days when you are feeling a little sluggish or just down, wear a happy color and accessorize using contrasting colors. Sometimes a little uplifting in spirit has to come from the outside and always dressing to impress can help achieve that.

Completing your Look

Dressing to impress others in any situation takes more than just putting on the right clothes, making sure your hair is in order and making your face look fresh. Every part of your outfit, including your nails and shoes, are important details. Chipped nail polish and ratty shoes come off as you having lazy tendencies and are not putting your appearance in the forefront.

Career Advancement

An interviewer will know, within 10-seconds, if you are the right person for the job. This opinion comes from your overall look first. Improper attire and imperfect grooming leads to 40-percent of rejections while searching for a new position. Your credentials are important, but when you look the part, you are more likely to get the part. If you drop your resume off to a potential employer personally, pay attention to how those in plain view are dressed. This should give you an idea of what the employer expects as far as dress is concerned.

This step will help you be better prepared for an interview or potential promotion. If you cannot see what others are wearing, consider packing an alternate outfit on your first day so that you will fit in better and make a better first impression with your new employer.

Wardrobe Tips

When you need versatility in your wardrobe but your wallet has other ideas, use a couple wardrobe tricks to minimize your spending. Your wardrobe should fit your lifestyle and have inclusions for every aspect of your life from around-the-house clothes to formal occasion options. Consider purchasing 75-percent solid colors but have multiple types of accessories. For example, you can really dress up a simple black dress by making your own custom scarf belt with a silk scarf and a fashionable hair clip. When you have variety in the accessories department, you can make any outfit or combination of two "old" items look like a brand new outfit.

Bottom Line

Impressions are made surrounding your appearance no matter where you go. Someone always has an opinion of their own. While you still need to have an identifiable personal style, fitting in no matter where you are is a must. Even if you are getting ready to board a plane or just running to the corner store for forgotten items, always look your best as you never know where an opportunity may present itself that can better your life.

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