Woman Falls Down Sinkhole During Rush Hour In Another Sign That Morning Commutes Are Awful

You can't really win with the morning commute -- it's either a subway car packed like a sardine tin or a sloppy walk in the rain. And now, if you have the luxury of walking to work, it seems even the sidewalks are against you.

A woman was sent to the hospital early Thursday morning after falling through a sinkhole that opened up beneath her in a London sidewalk during rush hour.

A smaller hole had been blocked off with tables and chairs by a cafe owner, but the woman accidentally stepped on top of it while hurrying down the street. Witnesses said they heard a "loud scream" after the gap turned into a 5-foot-wide chasm and she "disappeared" into the sidewalk, according to the Daily Mail.

Emergency services responded to the incident, which occurred outside the Marrakech Express cafe in Fulham, and transported her to the hospital with minor injuries.

"We've cared for a woman who was shaken after falling through a hole in the pavement in Fuham [sic]," the London Ambulance Service said in a tweet. "We've taken her to hospital."

Earlier reports said the woman fell down the sinkhole with a baby, but London police said she was the only person being treated for injuries, according to the Independent. She may have had a personal shopping cart with her.



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