World's Worst Burglary Attempt Apparently Caught On Tape In Redding, California (VIDEO)

Don't quit your day job.

Police in Redding, Calif. have released surveillance footage from earlier this month that shows what appears to be a burglary attempt that failed miserably, the Record Searchlight reported.

In the video, a man clad in pajama pants walks up to the glass doors of Kent's Meats & Groceries and knocks before leaving and returning with some sort of mask or hat covering his face.

He then throws a rock at the door, cracking the glass and setting off an alarm. He then runs away, tripping and falling down in the parking lot in the process.

Police believe the suspect is about 5' 11" and weights around 350 pounds.

Online commenters on the Record Searchlight and KRCRTV speculate that the man may have been wearing a false belly or have had a pillow shoved down his pants.

Kent Pfrimmer, the owner of the store, admitted to KRCRTV that he finds the surveillance footage "very comical."

"I think we're pretty fortunate," Pfrimmer told the station. "He don't look too intelligent to me."



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