Your 3 Keys to Branding Success for Coaches and Consultants

This article is about coach and consultant, Lain Livingston. He has led the creative and marketing teams at Fortune 500 companies and successful start-ups. He has also served clients such as Mohawk Flooring, Susan G. Komen Foundation and Oldcastle. He is currently the Brand Director at SureCrete, and is authoring an in-depth book about branding and attracting dream clients.


If you are a coach or consultant who wants to build a deeper relationship with both prospects and clients, these are three keys to building your practice by creating meaningful connections:

1. AUTHENTICITY: create relationships and marketing messages that are aligned with your core self – who you are. Think of Apple’s campaign to “Think Different”. This campaign was a pure expression of the very essence of the Apple culture and philosophy.

2. TIMELESS: forget the trends, they work today but not tomorrow then your branding and messaging dies from being out of sync with the market. Instead, follow the trends of timeless brands like Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren.

3. UNIQUENESS: what angle can you choose, what value proposition can you define, what marketing approach can set you completely apart, not as part of a trend, but as a unique player who attracts and connects with your market in a way that says when you use our products and services, like us, YOU stand out.


1. Take advice from people who have already accomplished what you want so you can model their thinking and way of acting.

2. Stop linear planning and instead approach all outcomes as being the result of a dynamically interrelated set of actions.

3. Take Action. Success isn’t the result of endless pondering; it’s the result of choosing to take action, get feedback and move forward.

One of Lain’s biggest successes was when he dropped out of college and went out and found projects to take on. This led him to rapid success and notoriety in the area of branding.


As a legacy, Lain wants to leave a positive impact that is much bigger than him. Click here to listen to more of JV Crum III interviewing Lain on the Conscious Millionaire Show.

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