Your Curves are Powerful

Your curves are powerful.

Photo by Chris Carroll Photography, HMU Lauren O’Leary
Photo by Chris Carroll Photography, HMU Lauren O’Leary

All women’s bodies (regardless of size!) are beautiful and tremendously powerful. These bodies are more than the objects of someone else’s gaze, or something to be molded to the latest fashion trend: they contain an inborn intelligence that allows them to sense danger, express pleasure, accomplish great feats, and even create human life.

In today’s world, many women feel disempowered because of their bodies. I myself have been among them! But in case you need a reminder of just how much women’s bodies are capable of, look to the recent accomplishments of female athletes. Women’s bodies can do things like run marathons, set records, ignite global conversations, and withstand a tremendous of pain, when necessary.

Why on earth would you ever feel bad about a body like that?

Loving your body, and embracing those curves, is not just about you feeling better about your body (although, that is important!). It is about the impact that you and your body were put on this earth to create!

If you’re feeling bad about your body, hiding behind ill-fitting clothes, and living with a mentality that is keeping you “small” (metaphysically speaking), then you’re not just selling yourself short on what life has to offer you. You’re also depriving everyone around you of the greatness that you have within you. When you embrace your body as it is and stop believing that your body is a barrier to becoming the woman that you want to be, you’re free to live at full amplitude!

If you’re feeling bad about your body today, remind yourself that you are a Queen, and that your curves are powerful. You’re capable of so much--don’t let your feelings about your body hold you back from living a full amplitude today.

Check out the #healthyatanysize community to find support and connect with other women who are working on this, too!

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