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Zoe Saldana Weight Revealed On Allure Magazine Cover (PHOTO)

The fashion world doesn't like to talk about weight, only broaching the subject when discussing extreme eating disorders or model weight requirements.

But Allure magazine doesn't seem to mind uttering the P-word: "pounds." As Styleite pointed out, this month's Allure cover featuring Zoe Saldana has an unusual cover line: "Zoe Saldana: 115 Pounds Of Grit And Heartache."

The cover shoot inside the mag puts all 115 pounds of Zoe on full display, styling her sans clothes in a tasteful nude shoot. But was it important to have her actual weight on the cover, or does the headline strike you as odd? The only time we typically see celebrity weight discussed on magazine covers is when the story centers on weight loss (and usually after a celeb gives birth, like here, here and here).

That's clearly not the story in this month's Allure. Check out the cover and tell us what you think.


zoe saldana weight

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