'Zombie Apocalypse': Special Examines Real People Preparing For The Walking Dead (VIDEO)

Special Shows Real People Preparing For A 'Zombie Apocalypse'

With the Mayan Apocalypse approaching, people are thinking about the end of the world. There have always been those who've prepared for that eventuality, but Discovery hit upon a very specific niche with "Zombie Apocalypse": People who think that the end of the world may be accompanied by the rise of the undead, like the world portrayed in "The Walking Dead."

The special took a look at one group in Kansas who've taken this unlikely possibility very seriously, establishing a militia and intricate stronghold with several hatches for quick entry or escape. It's an impressive set-up that's kept well-stocked and ready at a moment's notice.

As one man on the show pointed out, preparedness for a zombie apocalypse is also preparedness for any type of apocalypse. Or maybe they're just really looking forward to "The Walking Dead" Season 4.

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