Weird News
The large male adult koala was totally calm when a rescue organization found and unhooked him.
"Thanks very much everyone, but we are f**king done here."
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Cape Otway's koala population has exploded in recent years, but unfortunately the rapid growth has left eucalyptus trees bare and made it tough for the animals to find food. Their habitat now appears to be recovering and conservationists are still considering the koala-saving program a success.
A program designed to save a koala population appears to be working.
Activists are calling the proposed construction a "death warrant."
Weird News
The country is allegedly spending hundreds of thousands on contact with the marsupials.
A prehistoric animal was suspiciously similar to the fictitious creature.
No Australian seemed to mind my demi outfit and none ever questioned it. No photos were taken, so don't ask. At least we had some clean clothes. The owner of the house even said we could keep them, she felt guilty about the wallabies' misbehavior.
According to the Australia Zoo, koalas are "under great threat due to [urbanization] and massive, uncontrolled habitat destruction
We haven't been parents that long, but already we've learned the heretofore secret way that parents sometimes just look at each other and nod, like old cowboys in the West.
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Those with sewing skills can make "pouches" for baby kangaroos and other marsupials, whose parents died in the Australian