Pet Health

Ivermectin should not be used for treating or preventing COVID-19, the American Medical Association said alongside two other professional organizations.
The critically needed equipment is being offered to hospitals around the country as they prepare for more COVID-19 cases.
Wilford from Washington, D.C., has a new home with the people who took in "Symba the tubby tabby."
The "very sweet" cat has just begun a much-needed weight loss journey, veterinarian Brita Kiffney at Northshore Veterinary Hospital said.
Tammie Hedges of Crazys Claws N Paws was previously charged with 12 counts of practicing veterinary medicine without a license.
Hint: If it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your dog.
The vet had allegedly sent hostile texts to the owners about the dog's barking.
The agency has updated its statement to include more reported deaths.