"Now that 7 is semi-literate, he no longer believes my 'SHUH DA FA CUP' mug reads 'My Favorite Word is Mommy'"
You better work… That book! This drag queen faces her toughest audience at the local library by reading for preschoolers.
Since the program launched, more than 30,000 books have been passed from parents to children.
A "new" anything is very rare and magical to these children. A pair of new pajamas and a book gives them comfort, yes, but
For Burton, more significant than the show's longevity are the number of adults who credit Reading Rainbow with imparting
One important way to return to pre-Digital Age times is through the important art of small talk. In a recent Wall Street
Jose Luis Lopez Carlos, Nixtiquil Community Reforestation and Forest-Fires Project, Jalisco, Mexico Runinten, Preservation
When life throws a diaper in your face, have no fear: Taye Diggs is here, to help your children develop essential reading skills...and to keep them occupied while you shower in peace. To learn more about childhood literacy and get involved, visit the National Head Start Association at
Through collaborative and independent processes, kids in the WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS craft original stories--including characters
Doorae Shin and Joy Waters, VegFest Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. A free event addresses health and environmental issues while
This post is part of a series produced by The Huffington Post to mark the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the adoption
One very important resource that makes its way into affluent schools but not poor ones is high-quality children's books, particularly
The projects that they have chosen so far represent a bold vision for what it takes to ensure that young people from every
Our home was a literate and musical one, with little television or radio. This was the key to my motivation to explore the world through books.
"I like it here because now I'm not afraid (to read) and now I am a better reader." "One of our young boys taken away from
By fusing classic poetry and spoken word, Get Lit hopes to improve teen literacy.