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“She was too young to know when a stranger asks you how you are, you’re supposed to say, ‘I’m fine,’ and move on.”
"More disturbing was the huge window on the south wall of the space. It had no blinds or drapes, so people on the upper floors of the building across the street could look right in."
"If my dad were still alive, it would hurt him to read these words. He never intended for me to feel like a nuisance. So why, then, did I so often feel that way?"
"We will wait until you are grown to tell you how fortunate we were to live where we did, because if we hadn’t, we might not have had you."
"I always made sure to look the part of a smart, together, confident young woman. ... People who wear glasses and pantyhose don’t do meth, right?"
"I hadn’t realized how much I’d longed to hear those words from my mother all my life."
"In my darkest moments, school officials who used to applaud my parenting now wondered if I was up for the task."
"For all my years of training in emergency medicine ... I didn't know how to process my own [trauma] because I'd never been taught how to do it."
"What do you do when the person who is your first call when anything happens is the one person you can’t call when the worst does?"
"As grateful as I am to now be living as my truest self, there are days when everything feels hard. Sometimes too hard."