2020 census

The numbers came in a release of census data that marks the official beginning of once-a-decade congressional redistricting battles.
The challengers said Trump’s plan would weaken the political power of states with larger numbers of illegal immigrants.
Democrats failed to flip GOP-controlled state legislatures where the critical decennial redistricting battles will take place after the 2020 census.
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The judges prohibited Wilbur Ross from excluding people in the country illegally when handing in 2020 census figures.
Critics say the White House is out to undercount certain populations.
Kate Brown said the Trump administration's decision to pull 2020 census takers out of the field sooner will leave communities of color behind.
It takes place every 10 years, and participating is easier than ever.
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"Feeling like you’re the 'other' and trapped between two worlds is something countless Iranian Americans and Middle Easterners have experienced."
El censo ocurre solamente cada diez años, y el 2020 es año de censo. Es hora de hacernos contar.  No se trata de una encuesta
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