2020 census

The case is the latest in a string of redistricting cases making their way through the federal courts following the 2020 census.
Mayor Michael Duggan blamed insufficient resources and not enough census takers focused on the city for the undercount.
The 2020 census overlooked Black, Latinx and Native American residents at higher rates than a decade ago.
A memo written by a Census Bureau official complained of meddlesome interference in what's supposed to be an independent process.
Nonpartisan commissions were supposed to take the politics out of redrawing legislative boundaries. But the process isn't going as planned everywhere.
Growing diversity and urban populations should benefit Democrats — but the Senate's rural bias is getting worse.
The white population is aging and has fallen to its smallest share of the total population on record, the Census Bureau found.
The state tried to take the partisanship out of its political maps, but partisans aren’t having it.
The numbers came in a release of census data that marks the official beginning of once-a-decade congressional redistricting battles.
The challengers said Trump’s plan would weaken the political power of states with larger numbers of illegal immigrants.