Akron, Ohio

May The Fourth Be "I Do."
The officers — seven of whom are white — shot at Walker more than 90 times during a traffic stop in Akron on June 27, 2022.
It is unconstitutional for police to use lethal force on a fleeing suspect unless there's a threat — but it happens anyway.
Two family members of people shot by police were in Ohio to protest the death of Walker, who was shot and killed by police last week.
“As night fell and others began to join, the protests became no longer peaceful,” Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan said.
Eight police officers opened fire on Jayland Walker, 25, after he didn't stop for officers during a traffic stop and fled on foot.
25-year-old Jayland Walker was reportedly shot multiple times by police following a four-and-a-half minute chase.
The 20-year suspect called in a bomb threat so Canadian police would waste their time chasing it, but he called the wrong Ottawa — a village in Ohio.
Some of the cremated remains discovered inside the Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Akron dated back to 2010.
An Akron police commander defended the officers: "Sometimes you do have to throw punches."