Amber Ruffin

The "Late Night" writer hilariously recapped the news in "Amber Says What" and showed off wheel impressive moves.
"No president has done more for women, to make our lives worse," noted the "Late Night" writer.
“No one has done more for Black Americans -- to make our lives worse," the "Late Night" writer explained.
Amber Ruffin reminded the president that his cognitive test isn't something to brag about.
Amber Ruffin explained the hilarious reason why on "Jokes Seth Can't Tell."
The comedian and writer still hasn't run out of examples of disturbing encounters she's had with the cops as a Black woman.
“I think, ‘This is how I die. This man is going to kill me,'" said Amber Ruffin.
Amber Ruffin blasted Jerome Adams for telling people of color to "step it up."
The "Late Night" host enlisted a Black woman, a lesbian and his mom to tell "Jokes Seth Can't Tell." He should've left the joking to them.
"The impeachment inquiry is not a lynching. Don't believe me? Ask your Klan-ass dad."