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Tune your relationship dynamic to be more effective. Some people are "high-maintenance," and annoyingly take excessive time
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Lesson from the election: No one should break the rules of the planet.
In regular people language, small talk is any type of conversation that takes the place of telling someone what you're actually thinking. Right? Right?!
One method of managing an Insensitive Irritator is learning to become very, very absent. Don't be here now; be in any other
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Sometimes, I just don't get people. I mean, we all share the same planet and that alone means we need to be aware of overlapping into the personal space of others, right? So with that in mind, I would like to call out a few folks who, to my way of thinking, broke some planet rules.
The "Bad Advice Comes Free" Dude The Guy Who's Been Wearing His Return Since February And now to send us off, it's the tax
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8) Snark. Oh, you know who you are. You post hateful comments anonymously. You think being cruel is cool and your favorite
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This is it, guys. The last weekend before Christmas. Malls are open until midnight. There's an abnormal surplus of "safe" last-minute gifts (read: robes, commemorative ornaments and off-brand bath sets) in the front of every store. And everyone you encounter is pretty much a jerk.
'It takes all kinds.' That's what my mother used to say with a shrug every time she encountered someone who behaved in a way she found offensive. I'm a bit less tolerant than Mom was. For the occasions when forgiveness eludes me, I have created a few new Circles of Hell that Dante may have missed. Please add your own contributions in the comments below; here's my list.
Do people annoy you on Facebook? Would you issue them a social citation? is going to help you stop the annoying people on Facebook...or at least send them a warning.
Air travel is annoying enough as it is. It can be expensive, stressful, scary, and, of course, cramped. And that claustrophobic