The dogs, previously slated to be killed, will now be sent to the Michigan Humane Society.
Corteva Agriscience said it will “make every effort to rehome the animals” after a Humane Society undercover investigation revealed sickening practices.
"He didn't even know how many dogs he had," a humane society police officer said.
If your dog is a food thief--and what dog isn't?--check out the list of foods at that may be toxic to your dog. You'd be surprised at how many foods can pose a problem.
Suzie had been at the Maryland SPCA in Baltimore for just a couple of days when she was picked to play the role of extremely
Hudson still cowers a bit, but each day something new and fun happens: he has gotten his beagle bark, he jumps up on the bed, he barks if ever left behind, and he snuggles and plays with Edie. It's been my favorite Christmas present to have this little guy along with us on this vacation.
One habit of my beagle, Parker, nearly landed him at animal rescue. He liked to pee atop our bed! I confessed to my wife that I could take it no longer. "But he loves you so much," she said.
In this viral clip, an 8-week-old beagle pup named Copper (yep, just like the Disney classic 'Fox and the Hound') had just
"It is unknown how long the dog had been in the trash bag, but the bag was soaked with the dog’s urine, indicating that it
One of the most commonly used breeds is the beagle. PETA's Lindsay Rajt told KTLA that "The people using animals in testing
Coyotes, raccoons, and... beagles? Apparently the lovable dog species is the latest animal to go wild in New York. Packs