Body Dysmorphic Disorder

"Jordan was, perhaps, insensitive and careless in his remarks, but he certainly couldn’t have known the weight of his words or the impact they would have on me."
"Nothing incites my body dysmorphia more than seeing my own image on screen."
More anxiety, social media and alone time during the coronavirus pandemic can take a toll on your body image.
"I became excruciatingly aware that my obsession with Ashton’s looks was about something much deeper."
The 18-year-old singer addressed “assumptions about people based on their size” in a speech to kick off her world tour.
Penile body dysmorphic disorder goes beyond wishing to be bigger. Men say it affects many parts of their lives.
Never had I been in a circumstance where I needed to be in sync with every inch of my body.
Sex is supposed to make your body feel good. But when you don’t feel good in your body, sex can be deeply uncomfortable and triggering.
I couldn’t go more than 15 minutes without checking my reflection — without, in BDD/OCD terms, ritualizing.
It's not the same as poor body image -- and we need to stop treating it as such.