Located in Newark, Ohio, the former headquarters of the Longaberger Company are in the shape of its most iconic product — a wooden basket.
Luis Fonsi is a multi-platinum selling artist signed to Universal Music Latino. Most of Luis' work has been widely recognized in Spanish speaking countries for almost 20 years now, selling over 5 million albums worldwide. Recently, his new single "Despacito" featuring Daddy Yankee has been climbing all over the US Charts since its January release. "Despacito" is the summer's global hit! The song currently sits at #4 on the US Billboard Hot 100, with over 1 billion views on YouTube. The song shot to the top when he collaborated with Justin Bieber for the remix. Billboard has named "Despacito" the biggest selling Spanish speaking song since "Macarena." The song has gone Diamond three times in Latin America, which is a record breaker. Luis Fonsi drops by the studio to discuss his tour and the widely popular single, "Despacito."
Join actor, musician LL Cool J, who stars on "NCIS: Los Angeles" and hosts the hit "Lip Sync Battle" on Spike TV, as he comes to BUILD to talk about both shows.
Is all of this easy? No. Is it worthwhile? You bet it is. In other words, your company would invest its best resources in
Even when the task isn't complete, don't leave people guessing. A culture of accountability is one of the most valuable institutional
Let's explore the business multiplier concept by walking through the value of a fictitious business we'll call Star Biz, Inc
She shared, "One of my biggest breakthroughs came when I was talking with my business coach Patty and she challenged me in
Further, good controls also empower your managers and leaders with immediately clear and actionable information on how to
25. Record clear and accurate sales metrics. These would include closing ratios, retention rates, return rates, net referral
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7. Which ideas are your "sweet spots"? Here's a link to an earlier article I wrote on exactly how to create your one-page
Conclusion: Considering the subject of luck can help us appreciate the moment and increase our compassion toward people who are less fortunate.
"What is our exposure here? What do you think we need to do to best clean up the situation?" "You're wrong..." • We'd regularly
Myth 2: "It will consume your life." Yes, launching a new business is intense. So are the middle years of establishing, grooming
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She should have been thrilled, after all these multiyear contracts were for several million dollars of business. But the
One of these "patterns" is how prevalent it is for a business owner to not fully understand the financial pillar of his or