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A name change is surprisingly simple. Pick a name. Go to civil court. Fill out the Name Change Petition form and a Proposed
If you want to give your kids a Hollywood name, here are some you might not even know.
Last year's number one rising girl's name was Aranza, the name shared by the Mexican singer who performed the theme song for the ultra-popular telenovela, Mirada de Mujer.
Well, suffice it to say that we don't actually need to reach the end of 2015 before we know the name of the year is Caitlyn. I thought that the name of the year would be Charlotte (Elizabeth Diana) but boy was I wrong!
Hi, my name is Madonna. Now before you jump to conclusions, I'd like to first explain that no, I was not named after the artist. I don't blame your curiosity though. Every time I introduce myself, I always get some kind of reaction.
Atticus Gillian Flynn authored the massively bestselling book Gone Girl, then wrote the movie screenplay for which she won
Sometimes you're born with a name that seems destined for bright lights ... and sometimes you're just not. Read more on www.newser.com
If you're one of those people who thinks they know everything about every celebrity, think again. (Unless you happen to know
There are dozens of actors who look totally familiar to us, like Anne Hathaway's best friend in "The Princess Diaries" or
Lea Michele's new solo album, "Louder," was released this week and it is awesome. Between her immense talent and her strength
Idina Menzel was already famous enough on her own merit, before John Travolta butchered her name at the Oscars Sunday, March
Written by Linda Rosenkrantz for Nameberry The most notable names of 2013 were borne by prominent personages in the realms
You follow celebrity news closely, you know who's feuding with whom, who's been arrested, who just gave birth and which two big stars are secret hookup buddies. But do you know the most basic facts about your favorite celebs -- like, their real names?
You follow celebrity news closely, you know who's feuding with whom, who's been arrested, who just gave birth and which two
If only all celebrity names were as straightforward as Brad Pitt or Madonna. Oftentimes, even the most well-known household
Is celebrity naming really a marker of the 21st Century? Were parents of the pre-Brangelina era less susceptible to the allure of fame?
The biggest names in the biz are oftentimes not the names the stars were given at birth. Be it for better publicity, more
What's in a name? Shakespeare famously said, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." But does that apply to show business Roses as well as botanical ones