Chris Sununu

Republican Voters Against Trump put prominent figures on blast for supporting the former president.
George Stephanopoulos pressed the New Hampshire governor, once a staunch Trump critic, about his past comments on the former president.
"Nobody cares about the polls," the New Hampshire governor said.
The former president has faced increased scrutiny after a series of high-profile gaffes.
New Hampshire’s Republican governor amped up his criticism of Trump ahead of his state’s primaries.
The former president’s boast doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.
The "Meet the Press" moderator questioned New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu over his comments on Trump.
The CNN anchor questioned New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu after he said he’d back Trump as the Republican nominee, even if he were convicted.
Sununu has clout in the first primary state, sure — but it’s unclear that he alone can prevent Donald Trump from becoming the GOP nominee.
Despite the state's Republican trifecta, it's unclear if this bill will get enough support to actually become law.