Christian art

Many Bible stories are more like the story of Cardi B than of those who judge certain people “unholy.”
Marginalizing patrons or placing them out of sight feeds the illusion of art historians that Renaissance artists created their artworks in a romantic trance oblivious to the economic, political, social, theological, and personal factors that defined and constrained the creative process.
“I think for Christians, it’s easy to have a lot of guilt piled on to you when you’re not doing great,” Measor said. “If
But the archaeologists are now standing by their estimates. “We know it dates back to the 4th century, in part because popes
All images courtesy of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The Virgin Mary has played a central role in Christian art
The ability of the visual arts to tap into Christian mysticism fits the nature of Wild Goose, Hatten said. “I like to imagine
"Though [Jim] was alone, he felt like someone was gently pushing him, as if to say, “Walk this way!” When Jim reached Thorncrown’s
Classical artworks washed out all traces of Judaism in the personae of Jesus, his family, and followers -- despite the fact that they were all dedicated practicing Jews throughout their lives.
At a time when prosperity teachings are especially popular, people don’t relate as much to Christian concepts of sin and
Included among the masterpieces will be the Hours of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, one of the greatest of all illuminated