Societal pressure to “pass” as cisgender is pervasive and fuels a lot of these body insecurities.
I've spent my life trying to understand it, maybe even rationalize it, and I've accumulated more questions than answers over
All lives do matter, but in reality, some lives are valued more than others. The brutal murder of 28-year-old Ohio Black
I belong in the women’s restroom. Not because I adhere to any societal standard for femininity, but because I am a woman.
And the truth is: they do. These and other sweeping changes, I've argued, inhere in the basic conceptual shift the coining
The Hunting Ground, a 2015 documentary examining rape on college campuses, begins with scenes of ecstatic high school seniors getting into the colleges of their choice.
I don't reckon I am going to use the men's room no matter what laws they make. I am no longer willing to deny my own identity. I am not willing to watch them destroy the lives of transgender youth so they can feel powerful for a little while longer.
Hi, I'm a trans woman. I understand that there exist people who, based on what they've seen in porn are specifically interested in dating women like me. Let's talk about why that happens and what that can feel like for the trans woman in question.