Brace Belden volunteered for six months in Syria with the Kurdish freedom movement where he helped fight ISIS.
“The Cosby Show” actor Geoffrey Owens won’t let anyone shame him for having a side job at Trader Joe’s. The viral news DID convince Tyler Perry to offer Owens a new acting gig, though.
"I have never felt out of place in my entire life. But I did at Yale."
This book has fire behind the words that sneak up and burn you down when you least expect it. Away Running is complicated and thought provoking, a book of physical untamed words.
We are all doing our very best to feed and nourish our bodies, our communities, and our families. You can't do this wrong
Their data also "suggest that women are significantly more likely to be time poor than men," which makes sense when we consider
Finding humor in a candidate appearing proud of supporters' lack of education might be understandable, but the reaction also exposed something ugly in our society. This laughter wasn't really directed at the candidate; it was directed at the people.
Such attitudes, in their dogmatic absolutist certainty and rigidity deny the dignity, humanity, and human rights and welfare
Today's students' equating of hurt feelings with scarring wounds is a departure that leads to dangerous overreaction. When unwelcome ideas are decried in the language of pain and injury, the impulse to suppress them -- rather than to challenge and debate them -- can be irresistible.