The phenomenon's known as Kelvin-Helmholtz waves, wherein specific atmospheric conditions create clouds that appear in wave-like patterns in the sky.
2017 Ecommerce Technology Trends Social commerce could evolve into a game-changing e-tail marketplace once storefronts are
Fake Terracotta warriors seized at Xi'an resort Tencent looks to challenge Apple with cloud-based apps you can use without
One can recall the old days like when you only published facts by real journalists. Oh and they had to fact check and confirm
I suppose there are as many reasons to paint as there are painters. For most of the painters I know personally, the act of
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But to think of it, will cloud computing affect all healthcare areas? According to expert analysis, "YES", cloud technology
"It is often difficult to understand the implications of a planet that is one degree warmer than preindustrial levels in
KK: Anything else you think folks should know about SaaS eCommerce? RP: SaaS eCommerce can be one of the greatest ways to
With all this in mind, what do you think the big changes are going to be regarding the evolution of the cloud? This hybrid
The purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft is a watershed moment in the business of tech, an event giving rise to a kaleidoscope of possibilities that make the imagination race. How could it not?
Microsoft's Office Online: Microsoft's Web-based apps, Office Online, that are Internet-only versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint
In this "Age of the Customer," where mobile devices keep getting faster, smarter and more ubiquitous, the retailer needs to be innovative. With the power of digital commerce not just on their laptops or desktops but literally in the palm of their hands, consumer expectations have risen through the roof.
Unfortunately, like many companies, they are starting to feel the effects of an aging eCommerce platform. As they grow, technical challenges are starting to impede innovation and time-to-market needs.
Another great few days of learning, networking and sharing at IRCE this year! From workshops that dove into the details of
The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a great little buzz word for Internet-controlled home automation equipment. Sensors and chips to control electronics have gotten so small and cheap that they can now be put into most electronics around the house.
The principles of cloud computing might be decades old, but it wasn't until 2006, when Amazon entered the cloud market, that the modern cloud era really began.
I believe you can make genuine connections through online dating and social media. But you have to be honest with yourself about whether those connections are really happening or whether you are just distracting yourself from loneliness or, worse, avoiding pursuing a passion.
It's easy to say that this will never happen to you. Your business has been operating for years and it's never shown any