"How are we to champion body positivity and inclusivity if we continue to celebrate weight loss? We can’t."
Compliment ME -- not my body, not for pounds lost.
When you hunt for things to acknowledge and celebrate in others, you will soon detect a greater level of appreciation for
The problem is we don't respect ourselves as being worthy of admiration. And even more harmful, we believe refusing a compliment or putting ourselves down makes us seem humble. It doesn't, it only diminishes us.
This Mother's Day, take stock of your own words and actions and take solace in the fact that making small changes can have a great impact on our children's self image, eating habits and long-term health. I can't think of anything more motivating.
You'd be surprised what a little praise can do.
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As a Professional Matchmaker, one of the things I consistently hear from women is that they wish men would compliment them more. Another thing I hear is that when men do compliment them, they wish the men would think first because many times their compliments really come across as insults.
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A person should be able to wear whatever he or she wants without ever having to suffer a negative word about it from anyone, to their face or behind their back.