conflict zones

Social, ethnic, religious, and income divisions in so many societies have added substantial fuel to the fire. Tension and
In addition to enduring physical and emotional pain, these kids are at risk for impaired brain development.
MSF health workers are among the most savvy, quick-witted and selfless people in the medical profession, and the world must protect them and value their sacrifice. It is now up to our leaders to prove they do, too.
By Magdalena Mis More than one in 10 children now live in countries or regions affected by armed conflict, UNICEF said in
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down in Ukraine last week because three crucial actors all played a role, and they all had something in common -- a desire for money.
We see it especially in Goma, where one of us met in a hospital with young women so damaged by rape that they required surgery. And we see it in Syria today, where rape is being used as a tool of oppression. So is this personal to us? You bet.
All our key challenges in the next decade are interlinked. In order to meet them, we need to fully understand how they are related.
It is no secret that the German military equipment being purchased by Saudi Arabia will most likely be used to crack down on anti-government demonstrations inside Bahrain, and/or the Shia-majority region of eastern Saudi Arabia.
Hundreds of thousands of children have already sacrificed their education to conflict. Maybe post conflict reconstruction is precisely the time for innovation and change in basic education. If not now, then when?
Every child has a right to an education. Yet millions of children are living in countries where that right is systematically violated as a result of armed conflict.
People like Saranda and Alima get it. Unfortunately, many of our country's decision-makers don't. Depressed economy? Close
The European Commission has unveiled plans to allow more refugees from conflict zones and poor nations into European countries
So, how was your week? The money raised each year is used to support programs in Northern Uganda. That's an important part