department of labor

After a record 113 straight months of hiring, the American jobs machine came to a sudden halt in March as a result of the coronavirus.
A new regulation will make it harder for workers to sue big brands over wage claims.
Democrats say they've neutralized the most controversial piece of Trump's "tip pooling" rule. But critics say the rest of the rule is still bad for workers.
Construction was one of the most dangerous professions at the time.
Chuck Schumer and Patty Murray argued that Andrew Puzder should withdraw from consideration for secretary of labor because his history running fast-food chains shows he is opposed to workers’ rights.
The unemployment rate dropped to 4.6 percent and nonfarm payrolls increased by 178,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department said.
Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Ohio also joined the suit.
According to the Labor Department, low-wage workers who serve food were getting stiffed right under senators' noses.
One of the biggest reforms of the Obama era will impact millions of workers.
Gross domestic product increased at its slowest pace in two years, but a pick-up in activity is anticipated given a buoyant labor market.