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Her work echoes the experience of encountering current events in print.
After a 71-year run in Chicago, Johnson Publishing is getting out of publishing. The company said Tuesday it has sold Ebony
You absolutely should love and affirm yourself at any weight and size. It's just that positively affirming yourself just as you are can't stand in the way of the truth: if you know you can or must get healthier that's gotta be a goal, too, and that goes for anyone, regardless of size.
Body positive movements are in, but plus size black women aren't receiving equal representation in the typical mainstream conversation surrounding the phenomenon.
Revisit our conversations with Cosby's lawyer and stars of "The Cosby Show."
Backlash is rolling in again over Ebony Magazine's 70th Anniversary Cover. Still wondering if it's possible to highlight biracial/black activists promoting black social justice causes without immediate backlash - from whites and blacks. Who gets to decide? Better yet, who is calling it out?
Jamilah Lemieux responded to Malcolm-Jamal Warner's critique of the magazine cover on HuffPost Live.
The typical African American reality was far different than the Cosby dream. With the Cosby show's meteoric rise Americans of all hues slowly forgot this truth hidden behind the decadent veil of their multi-million dollar Brooklyn brownstone.
As tempting as it is to be upset with the story, perhaps we should explore the feelings and address the questions they are triggering. Ebony magazine didn't manufacture the rape allegations. They are real. The damage is real. The pain is real and the legacy is already tainted.