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Do you think horses get songs stuck in their head? Just asking.
My Heart Just Pooped Its Pants by Castlepop "Idiot Box 2" is on view at Gallery1988 West until May 16, 2015. "We want it
Meghan Stratman, By Starlight Glen Brogan, I Saw the Lighth Correction: A previous version of this article referred to Dana
"Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Art Show" will be on view from May 17 - June 1, 2014 at Gallery 1988 West. For those not lucky
This week, Titan Books released "Crazy 4 Cult 2," a collection of cult-movie themed art from Los Angeles art gallery Gallery
"For the past four years, I've kind of been the heart and soul of the company," the artist states in the clip, referring
A hilarious new exhibit in Los Angeles is paying tribute to one of America's longest-running television shows: Saturday Night
The street artist and master punster known as Hanksy is in Los Angeles this week promoting his upcoming solo exhibition at
When you watched "Freaks and Geeks", you may have thought you were simply chuckling along with a lovable band of high school
This art show is better than blue meth for "Breaking Bad" lovers. There were even about 15 people camped outside the gallery
Have you been longing for Buster and Tobias to come back into your life since "Arrested Development" died an untimely death
Kirk Demarais creates the stereotypical J.C. Penney awkward family portrait with a crucial twist: he portrays fictional families
Why memes? The phrase "I can has cheezburger" should need no explanation at this point in our history; bizarre images of
Normally art is only really funny when it's really bad. That is why we are especially excited to see the return of the exhibition
Fans of Wet Hot American Summer will be pleased to know that the movie's director and co-writer, David Wain, was in attendance