And why does the heart symbol look nothing like the real thing?
11-year-old Sophia Sanchez received news she is finally getting a heart transplant. This comes a week after a surprise hospital visit from Drake.
On the same day, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran released a new song called "Castle on the Hill". The song retraces the singer's
The lover wants to feel what giving my all for the first time is like. To see where blindly trusting takes me. It's the unknown
Even after controlling for age and personality, men who regularly acted in altruistic ways reported more lifetime sex partners
I look forward to receiving your views on this article at daaji@heartfulness.org. There are so many ways we identify ourselves
There is something about that notion that is terrifyingly beautiful. That our brains are creating this thing and these rules to live by, and that thing and those rules are simply and so un-simply, love.
Something is disappearing in our world today, and I believe it is the disconnecting from our feminine heart. I believe the
Because over 80 percent of adults with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) remain undiagnosed, they have an increased likelihood
Normally people don't clap after speeches at the U.N., but I joined the rousing applause when the U.N. Ambassador of Liberia
We may assume that friendship flows like water, but like boulders in a natural spring, friendship can hit tough spots. These
Last of all, my veterans taught me that in the heat of the battle, you never leave behind your fallen battle buddy. For me
No, sadness is the room mate that you just have to learn to live with and no matter how much your want to eject them from
Indeed, it would be wonderful to display the efficacy brought about by this meditation practice. What is the result? An evolved
Dean Stuart Wetter married Heart's Ann Wilson in 2015.
As we try to live up to our internalized expectations of how we need to be in order to gain some final, ultimate reward or
We will have more 21st century leaders in the world when more of us take a journey into ourselves before we try to fix everyone
A couple of very important questions I think for anyone on any spiritual path should be: "How can I be equally compassionate
In all of my conversations with friends about their dating lives, one thing has become abundantly clear; men make us crazy. Women who are bright, independent people, unperturbed by work place challenges and who relish the intrigue of most of life's curveballs, are reduced to crazy women when a man with whom they are enamored comes into the picture.