john mchugh

"If your objective is true and pure equality, then you have to look at all aspects."
Lopez, his wife and their young child moved to the Killeen area, where Fort Hood is located, in February. Prior to the move
"Right now, we have in the Army two brigades that are trained. That's it. Two," General Ray Odierno told a news conference
"Either we are going to delay it or we're going to have to terminate it or we're going to have to continue on and finish
The cautious spending levels -- which, at times, mean cuts to various programs -- come as a result of the continuing resolutions
The House GOP conference is bitterly divided over a centrist New York Republican's run for the House seat vacated by Army
Here's an idea: Let's just keep our best troops, no matter what their background or orientation. Momentum is picking up in Congress behind that notion, but we still need the President to make his move.
In an interview with the Army Times published Sunday, Secretary of the Army John McHugh indicated that the army would be
Those who have been crying out for a 3rd party alternative to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum can only chuckle at the prospect
"We're going to beat back the Democratic hacks that are coming after to me and the real Democrats, the real people and you