John Perkins

By hating the haters, I become one of them. I create more of the very thing I wish to remove.
Perkins was recruited, he says, by the National Security Agency (NSA), but he worked for a private consulting company. His job as an undertrained, overpaid economist was to generate reports that justified lucrative contracts for U.S. corporations, while plunging vulnerable nations into debt.
The revelations of the Panama Papers are one more indictment of a failed system that I know only too well.
As I travel around the country discussing my new book The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and meeting with people
Let's not allow this FBI worm to bore into this Apple! The FBI's demand that Apple break into a private email account is
This past November, students rallied on college campuses around the U.S. in the Million Student March to advocate for a minimum wage hike, free tuition and the cancellation of all student debt. We can all be encouraged by this revolution and hope more people will take up the cause.
The excerpt below is from one of the most important parts of my new book, where I explain what you can do personally to help
Most corporate leaders want to do the right thing, but they believe that taking seriously their roles of responsible business leaders means maximizing profits. We need to help them - and their stockholders -- understand that responsible business practices include policies that demand social justice and sustainable and regenerative environments.
Here we are gearing up for another election year with chatter about taxes bubbling up as usual. From the ideas of flat taxes to reducing taxes to stimulate growth and beyond, you're sure to hear even more about who should be taxed and who shouldn't.