Key Largo

Returning to the Aquarius underwater habitat and Reef Base having spent actual time living and working in outer space, I found that its remarkable suitability as a perfect analogy to spaceflight was now clearly evident.
The first tourists in Florida arrived by boat -- Juan Ponce de Leon and his crew, 500 years ago -- and it's still the best way to see the Sunshine State.
With 12,383 miles of coastline in the United States, finding the best beach escape is no small task. Here are our eight picks for great sandy spots from coast to coast.
See photos of the alleged great white shark in the above video. Researchers say cooler water temperatures and spawning amberjack
"It's like a snowstorm with gravity reversed and the snowflakes are miniature peas," underwater photographer Chris Gug told
While wreck diving in Key Largo, Fla. on July 27, a diver has a terrifying encounter with a Great White Shark, which he captures
Another woman attempted to keep Dunn away from that fight when Dunn punched her, cops say. One of the victim's fathers followed
The Queen's captain on the Desiderios' outing was Wayne Marquardt, who looks more like Hemingway than he does Bogie with
1) No SCUBA experience? No problem. 2) It's pricey. But probably worth it. According to their website, Poseidon Undersea